C-Sizzle, a/k/a Caroline Sommers’ Greatest Hits

C-Sizzle is a short (2-1/2 minute) compilation, a/k/a “sizzle reel,” featuring clips of some of my proudest producing moments. I’m extraordinarily proud not only of the original work but also of this sizzle reel, which I edited myself. My recently acquired sizzle-icious skills are courtesy of Jerron Smith at the American Graphics Institute. His class was worth every penny of the $715.50 tuition. Within the first couple of hours on day one it became clear that after sitting in edit rooms for 20 years (give or take), I knew a lot more than I thought I did. Producers must absorb editing know-how through some kind of television osmosis.

What’s in The Reel?

I took short bits from four projects: my most recent show, which premiered Sunday, October 22, 2017 on HLN “How It Really Happened: The Gianni Versace Murder” ; a documentary I did about female bodybuilders, which I shot and wrote; another doc about midair plane collisions, and finally, my favorite clip from “Dead Men Talking,” for which my team of video journalists and I embedded in the morgue of a Michigan Medical Examiner.

A Short Word About Sizzle Reels

Are sizzle reels worth producers’ time and effort? No one seems to agree. Sizzle reels don’t really tell prospective employers what you’re capable of since they’re short and punchy – like commercials. However we all know how important it is to brand and market yourself. So I vote Yes, they are worth it. Plus they’re a blast to cut!

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