• C-Sizzle, a/k/a Caroline Sommers’ Greatest Hits

    Here’s a snapshot of some of my proudest producing moments. Truth is I’ve done so many shows I love, it’s difficult to choose a favorite. Think Sophie’s Choice. This was edited by yours truly after taking a fabulous Premiere class @ American GFX Institute.

  • Tattoos and Body Modification

    Tattoos? That’s kid stuff. An inside look at body modification, including piercing and stretching the skin, ritual scarification, a/k/a searing a tattoo into the skin with a scalpel, and another activity involving MEAT HOOKS. Read on…

  • Why Planes Crash: Breaking Point

    What happens when a 747 reaches its breaking point? This. An in-depth analysis with graphic animations of several accidents, including the deadliest single-aircraft plane crash in history, which left 520 of 524 dead.

  • Why Planes Crash: Brace for Impact

    Everyone knows about Sully and the plane he put into the Hudson. Bet you didn’t know there have been many other commercial airliners that have gone down in the water. (The technical term is “ditching.”) Here are some of those stories.

  • Shooting Stars: The New York Paparazzi

    For several months many moons ago I stood elbow-to-knuckle with the wild pack of photographers better known as the New York paparazzi. I wanted to try and find out what made them tick. I’m not sure I like the answer.

  • Something’s Killing Me: Fatal Insomnia

    There’s only one thing worse than not getting enough sleep, and that’s not getting any sleep at all.   Imagine a disease that robs sufferers of sleep…forever. One day they start feeling wonky, bumping into furniture. Within a year they’re usually dead.

  • How I Didn’t Get Hired at 60 Minutes

    I thought I was going to be the next Diane Sawyer. Boy was I wrong. That became clear when Diane’s boss, the late television legend Don Hewitt, called me at my parents’ house in Upstate New York to rip me a new one.

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