• Why Planes Crash: Brace for Impact

    Everyone knows about Sully and the plane he put into the Hudson. Bet you didn’t know there have been many other commercial airliners that have gone down in the water. (The technical term is “ditching.”) Here are some of those stories.

  • Inside the Macomb County Morgue

    When people die under unusual circumstances in Macomb County Michigan, north of Detroit, the M.E. sends investigators to the scene. One case was beyond unusual: a naked 50-year-old man with his head through a wall. Literally.

  • Why Planes Crash: Crisis in the Sky

    What happens when you don’t agree with a major decision your boss is making? Do you speak up or bite your tongue? Now imagine you’re the First Officer in the cockpit of a commercial airliner and you don’t agree with your all-powerful Captain. Then what?

  • Inside the World of Female Bodybuilders

    “Why would you want to look like that?” is a typical reaction Kristi Hawkins used to get during her years as a professional powerlifter. So – why? The female bodybuilders I followed for this story all had their reasons.

  • Best Jobs Ever

    While toiling away at our day gigs, many of us fantasize about finding our absolute home run, ideal, perfect, pie-in-the-sky dream job. We found some people who actually have those jobs (at least in their own minds). Pilot aired on CNBC.

  • Shooting Stars: The New York Paparazzi

    For several months many moons ago I stood elbow-to-knuckle with the wild pack of photographers better known as the New York paparazzi. I wanted to try and find out what made them tick. I’m not sure I like the answer.


    I camped out in NYU’s NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, for several months before and after 9/11. I convinced families to let me shadow them as they navigated one of the most emotionally trying experiences of their lives.

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