What’s wrong with my #pandemespresso?

Outside, lattes taste incredible. At home, I just can’t get it right.

One recent day during the NYC lockdown, I decided to see if one of my favorite cafes in the Flatiron District, DevociĆ³n, was open for business. Thankfully it was. There were only two patrons inside. When they left, I started chatting with the barista, Allie. “Why can’t I get my coffee like this at home?” I whined. She suggested I send her a video so she could offer assistance. So here it is. Shot and edited on a recent Sunday morning. (Today: 3/22/20.)

It’s a question for the ages: How is it that after spending tens of thousands of dollars over the years in espressos, flat whites and lattes, I can’t for the life of me make them correctly at home? I am calling on all baristas everywhere to weigh in and tell me what the heck I’m doing wrong. This would make my prison sentence (i.e. quarantine) so much more bearable. Thank you in advance.

The featured image, by the way, is obviously not a homemade latte. I only wish mine would come out like that.

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