I’ve been writing and telling stories since I was a old enough to pick up a crayon. And I’ve been producing television half my life. All this experience has given me the ability to put together any story for any client on any subject on just about any deadline or budget. The job of a producer is to come up with a concept for a show (or take one that’s been been assigned to you) … figure out what the content will be … do the casting (in TV that means you figure out who to interview) … go out with a crew to shoot interviews and b-roll in the field … come back and write the narration for the piece (when it’s used—but it’s in vogue to not use narration these days) … and then supervise the edit, which means marrying pictures and video with words. Every report goes through multiple iterations before hitting the airwaves, assuming you have the luxury of time to tweak.

Seeing your piece and your name on TV is a rush because now you finally have tangible proof of all the blood, sweat and tears you put into every project.

I think of myself as a TV pit bull because I sink my teeth into any project I take on and don’t let go until I’ve completely nailed the story.

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